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The mission to raise over $1 Million dollars for organizations which empower women and children by partnering with organizations and using Oh My Chocolate, God, the Great Chocolatier and its accompanying workshop, journal and CD, Melt Into Your Essence as a fund raiser for organization which offer programs that empower and support women and children. If you would like to learn more about this, please visit Becky’s blog at: Oh My Chocolate! Mission Possible
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Glowing reviews about the book, Oh My Chocolate: God-the Great Chocolatier

Oh My Chocolate! God the Great Chocolatier reminds us that at our most basic level, we are one and we are loved. Becky Benes has taken this concept we frequently overlook in our busy lives and made it … delicious!

-John Gray, Ph.D., author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

This witty and intelligent little book contains abundant wisdom wrapped in a sweet layer of loving insight. As humans, do we have intellectual taste buds? If so, this book satisfies on all levels.

~Jeffrey Moses, author of Oneness: Great Principles Shared by all Religions

In a very light hearted way Becky Benes teaches what she deeply believes, and what we are all learning: There is so much more to taste and know; don’t stop growing toward the freedom that is already yours.

~Paula D’Arcy

With warmhearted wit and captivating charm, Becky Benes reveals the One Sweet Spirit that lies within each of us.

~Steven Lane Taylor Author
Row, Row, Row Your Boat: A Guide for Living Life in the Divine Flow

Becky’s metaphor of understanding God with chocolate is unique, enlightening and memorable. I will never look at chocolate the same way again.

~Cynthia Jordan -Author
Composer of Butterfly Moments

This is great for all ages. I love it! I relate because I love chocolate. I’d buy it for all of my friends. It makes me think twice about how we judge others.

~Morgan Stuart, age 15, San Angelo, TX.

Oh My Chocolate: God, the Great Chocolatier is a beautiful, creative message seeking to open minds and hearts to the truth that the essence of all humanity is created from God, in God and through God.

This is the perfect gift for all ages, races and creeds. With witty remarks and beautiful illustrations, Oh My Chocolate is a fun analogy that allows us to break through stereotypes and to illuminate our sacred identity.

The title of the book is Oh My Chocolate-God, the Great Chocolatier published by Oneness of Life Publishing.

The journal and CD title is Melt Into Your Essence Meditation Journal and CD, published by Oneness of Life Publishing.

Testimony for Meditation:
Becky, your Introduction to Meditation Course was a catalyst for change and the one thing that has most impacted my life, ever. I’ll be forever grateful for your help and your teaching.

Becky Hooper
Sales Representative
San Angelo, TX

The book is fun analogy bringing to light the teachings of major faith traditions that all of humanity is created in the image and likeness of God. The intention of the books message is to break down stereotypes and prejudices in the minds of the readers in hopes that we will all see our differences as unique expressions of the one Creator-the Great I AM. It is endorsed by such people as Dr. John Gray, the author Men are from Mars/Women are from Venus and Paula D’Arcy, author of Song for Sarah and Gift of the Red Bird.

The journal and CD are tools for people to use to enhance and/or to deepen their relationship with God, themselves and all of humanity. If used and practiced daily, it will transform the practitioner’s life and shift and expand ones perspective of creation. The practice will help the practitioner to break through the barriers which keep them stuck in unfulfilling life situations. As they come to know the truth about themselves, they will awaken to their Greater Purpose and experience inner peace.

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Oh! My Chocolate:
God the Great Chocolatier
Soft Cover Book – $9.95

Oh! My Chocolate:
God the Great Chocolatier
Meditation CD only – $14.95

Oh! My Chocolate:
God the Great Chocolatier
Journal & Meditation CD Package – $29.95

Oh! My Chocolate:
God the Great Chocolatier
Book, Journal & Meditation CD Package – $37.95